Longtime Sun Guided Meditation

Below is a guided meditation inspired by the song Longtime Sun. It is comprised of four poses and visualizations that correspond to the four lines of the song’s lyrics. Use the embedded player to hear the version created by musician Amrit Kirtan. Follow the suggested hand positions and visualizations, or adapt them and intuit your own!

May the longtime sun shine upon you

and all love surround you

and the pure light within you

guide your way on.

»»————- I ————-««

“May the longtime sun shine upon you”

Breathe in as you sweep your hands open and raise them high above your head to reach toward the sun. Visualize a beam of concentrated white light casting down directly upon you.

»»————- II ————-««

“And all love surround you”

Breathe out as you bring the palms of your hands together in prayer position with palms together just above your head. Visualize a field of light orbs surrounding your body and continuously feeding you with positive energy, while absorbing and dissipating negative energy.

»»————- III ————-««

“And the pure light within you”

Breathe in again as you lower your hands in front of your heart. Visualize white light channeling along your spine from head to toe and glowing in different colors at your major energy centers.

»»————- IV ————-««

“Guide your way on”

Breathe out again as you slide your hands over each other and lower them to your waist, with palms facing up and one hand on top of the other. Visualize rays of light ejecting from your body into the world, illuminating a path forward in the world around you.

With your hands back in this position you are ready to repeat the cycle.