Eclipse Cleanse Meditation

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Spirituality, Nature | 6 comments


I have the wonderful opportunity to experience the total solar eclipse over North America on August 21, coming up in a few days. To mentally/spiritually prepare I’ve been practicing mindfulness by reflecting on its significance and symbolism. Below are some of my insights along with a guided meditation.

Note that these are all personal reflections and that I claim no great authority on deeper eclipse meaning. Nonetheless I believe it may help others get in the spirit and use this celestial event as an opportunity to reflect, grow and heal!


Reflection & Significance

The union of light and dark created by the eclipse is a cosmic nonduality state. It is a manifestation of “darkness coming to light”. The eternal light of the sun is temporarily shrouded in darkness, bringing it to the forefront of awareness. For a moment, the egoic/masculine/life-giving energy of the sun is humbled by the bonding/feminine/nurturing shadow of the moon – creating a singularity point of balance. Only when the full light of the sun is masked from view can we safely peer into the dark void. So too can we not fully peer into the depths of ourselves until our egoic light stops filtering our perception.

Being present with this event – internalizing it into our own being – yields holistic awareness of ourselves, including all of our own light and dark aspects.

Awareness precipitates healing, so use this as an opportunity to draw out and release negative patterns that may have been hidden. Acknowledge and show compassion for all ugly patterns – addiction, lethargy, anxiety, depression, trauma etc. Let the eclipse shed light on your spirit and re-balance the Force within you.

Eclipse Cleanse Guided Meditation

πŸŒ• As the full sun is in view, I am aware of my full life energy and current self.

πŸŒ” As the partial eclipse begins and grows, I start to become aware of dark or negative energy and patterns within me.

πŸŒ“Β As the moon covers half of the sun, I am simultaneously aware of the light and dark energies within me.

πŸŒ’Β Almost fully eclipsed, I release fear of going into the dark.

β—‰Β As the total eclipse shrouds the whole sun, I am fully aware of dark energy within me. At the same time, I observe the sun’s corona surrounding the eclipse, and I am aware of my inner pilot light that provides me eternal hope and guidance. I give myself permission to look my dark aspects in the face, because I know they do not define me. This observation robs my darkness of its power, and enables me to let go of it for good.

🌘 As the sun pierces back through I sense my previous dark energy dissipating. I feel “lightness” coming over me.

πŸŒ— Light now balances dark. I have healed, and I continue to heal.

πŸŒ–Β Light once again outshines dark. A feeling of ease comes over me.

πŸŒ• Once again I am fully bathed in the light of the sun. I appreciate the sun for what it gives, and I appreciate the moon for what it gives. I appreciate myself for what I give, and what I am – both the light and the dark. I am aware of my new, current, healed self.

πŸŒ• πŸŒ– πŸŒ— 🌘 β—‰ πŸŒ’ πŸŒ“ πŸŒ”Β πŸŒ•

Whether you get to see the total eclipse or a partial eclipse, appreciate the novelty and awareness it can bring into your life!

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moonΒ πŸŒ‘