This is the narrative of a dream I had on the morning of January 27, 2018. It was incredibly vivid, detailed and consistent. There were barely any gaps in the story that had to be filled in once I woke up. It felt like these words were already determined before I decided to write them down. The story seems meaningful and full of allegories conjured by my subconscious. Most probably relate to my own life, but perhaps others can relate as well… or at least be entertained, as I sure was!

I would love to compliment this written story with illustrations. Perhaps I will get around to doing that myself. If someone reading this happens to feel a desire to do so also, I would love to collaborate on such a project 🙂








The Kite Master








Come one, come all to the greatest show in the land!

A mad scientist-magician commanding a breathtaking performance!

An engineering marvel rivaling the greatest feats of our age!

Come witness this spectacular sensation for yourself!

Here it goes then…


THE man sat reclining in a chair in the lounge, playing with his energetic canine companion. The little dog was so enthralled, its floppy ears dancing as it jumped up and down. Little yelps of excitement came out of its long snout as it ran in circles around the chair. The man looked equally entertained. It was easy to mistake the dog as the star of the show. It was even dressed the part of entertainer with unusual dark markings all over its otherwise white body that looked like a permanent costume. But soon the man took the center stage.

Upon seeing me he smiled, stood up and waved a welcoming hand, gesturing for me to follow him. We started walking out of the lounge. The dog ran in the opposite direction, already occupied by something else. As we proceeded the man walked gracefully and confidently, with a hint of jest. This was complemented by a flamboyant yet elegant outfit that appeared to morph into different colors and shapes. Tall hat … no hat … black cloak and then red … then multicolored.. It was actually difficult to pinpoint what it looked like because it seemed to magically avoid direct observation, as if it was in my peripheral vision despite me looking directly at him. This kept me transfixed until we entered a mysterious new space.

“This is the Great Hall,” the man announced, presenting the room with a sweeping hand. His voice and expression exuded giddiness. This man is as high as a kite, I thought to myself. This would turn out to be a fitting analogy for what I was about to experience. I traced the man’s attention and took in my new surroundings. The first thing I noticed were elaborately decorated fabrics that adorned the walls, extending farther sideways and upwards than I could see. That wasn’t saying much because a thick fog enveloped the whole room. Am I inside or outside? I thought to myself.

I kept close to the man to avoid getting lost in the fog. As we continued to walk I started hearing other human voices and then saw people popping out of the haze. Some were standing, others sitting. They conversed with each other or just lounged, relaxing. After a minute we arrived at what seemed like one corner of the room. We came upon a device standing on a pedestal on the ground. It looked like a miniature model of a hot air balloon with some wires and cords sticking out of it and branching out in different directions. One wire connected to an outlet in the wall. The man flipped a switch. An electro-mechanical sound like that of a motor started. The cords coming out of the device grew taught. The fog retreated a little, revealing a huge sheet of fabric lying on the ground nearby. It undulated slightly, with a give similar to that of a nylon or silk parachute. The sheet was several meters across and of unknown length, with the far end still invisible behind the fog. After a few more moments the sheet slowly lifted up off the ground.

I heard shouts of excitement and joy as the other people in the room noticed that the device had been activated. Some voices were close, some were distant. How big is this thing? I thought to myself.

Once the sheet lifted past eye level I noticed a large fan with canvas fins on the ground beneath the rising sheet. The fan connected to the control device via one of the cords, which acted as a pulley. The fan spun very slowly, but evidently enough to provide lift to raise the large sheet. With a look of wonder and surprise I glanced over to the man, who returned the same giddy look he had before. Perhaps the same properties of the air that made it so foggy also helped the fabric sheet lift so easily… and maybe it made the man high, too.

The sheet, which I now realized was really a sail, continued rising up and up. As it did so the air in the immediate area continued clearing. People phased into view again; they had now all stood up to observe the spectacle and get out of the way of the expansion. As the visibility increased I noticed that the sail I had been looking at was actually attached to other sails via a network of cords. As the main sail above the fan lifted so did the smaller ones. I gasped when I started realizing the scale of the whole contraption. I could now see the end of the mainsail – it must be 50 meters long! Another large fan spun on the ground under the far end of the sail. I looked to my left, where another mainsail rose parallel to the first one – another 20 meters away. There were now dozens of smaller sails rising up – they were all in different staggered vertical positions, but also parallel to the mainsails.

I just stood there looking up and around with my mouth open as the scale of this thing continued to grow. I could now see not two, but four parallel main sails down the length of the room – all connected together with cords and smaller sails. The entire contraption must have been over 100 meters long.

As it rose to full height I had to bend my head all the way back to see the top of the sails, giving me a dizzying sense of vertigo. I took in the whole shape and structure. It’s a massive kite… in the shape of an air zeppelin! I observed that the main sails stayed aloft from the gentle force of the fans, swaying back and forth slightly. Once at an adequate height the smaller sails apparently caught the wind, keeping the whole structure afloat in a delicate balance of vertical and horizontal air currents.

There were now dozens of people frolicking and jumping about under the kite, shouting and laughing jubilously. This was clearly not their first time experiencing the spectacle, but it surely excited them. I looked back to the man, whom I now considered the Kite Master. He surveyed the scene with a look of pride and contentment. I continued standing there in awe, appreciating the magnitude and engineering of this marvel. It floated there with the gracefulness of an air zeppelin and power of a massive flagship.

I had just gotten used to this giant floating kite, when all of a sudden it started to change again. After not more than a few minutes, the main sail I had been standing under swayed a little too far from the flow of the fans below. The sail sank, bringing the smaller sails down along with it. This caused a chain reaction that brought the entire kite falling back to the ground. If the descent wasn’t so slow and light this collapse would have been terrifying. On the contrary, it floated down gracefully and majestically like a giant parachute. The people playing underneath noticed the descent with plenty of time to run or walk out of the way. This phase was apparently just another part of the fun. The sails settled back into their original positions, ready to resume on another day. The spectral spectators scattered and went about their normal routines of lounging in the mist.

The Kite Master bowed, his performance complete.