Criptic Triptych: Universal Portals

Jan 27, 2017

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My interpretation

This piece is an examination of different realms of human exploration and existence. Each gate represents a portal into the universe from a particular perspective, dimension or level of consciousness.

Stargate represents the external and physical – what we can observe and interact with in three-dimensional space.

Dreamgate represents the internal and mental – what we can imagine and explore in our minds.

Soulgate represents the universal and spiritual, codified by the unifying patterns of sacred geometry and cosmic consciousness.

Connected to each gate are two pedestals and two emblems. The emblems symbolize the “form” or “state” of that particular realm – either physical (matter), mental (energy) or spiritual (formless/void). The pedestals help the explorer navigate. The left pedestal supports the interface or controls for that realm, while the right pedestal supports the map or fundamental pattern.

I personally believe that exploring each of these realms provides a richer and deeper meaning for the other realms, and gives us a more comprehensive understanding of the Universe we live in.



Can you decipher the meaning of the circle of runes inscribed in each gate?