About the Artist

Welcome to my website; I hope you find something interesting! I love to explore the intersection of art, technology and spirituality. I enjoy exploring questions like: How will advancing technology affect the definition and livelihood of art – and all livelihoods, for that matter? Is art an inherently human activity or can it be performed by other consciousnesses and machines? Where does inspiration really come from – to what degree can we “take credit” for what we create? To what extent can we explore spirituality through the observation of fundamental patterns in nature?

These questions are fun, but I am most driven by standing up for my values and sharing my vision for the future, outlined below…



Artist Vision

Just 60-some years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his I Have a Dream speech outlining a vision for racial equality within modern civilization. While we still have a long way to go towards equality energetically, I don’t think it is far-off time-wise. In fact, I believe we are in store for rapid and sweeping positive change brought on by a worldwide revolution, which is already underway.

I envision humanity and the planet soon entering a dramatic paradigm shift into material and spiritual freedom and abundance, catalyzed by our increasing exposure to each other and empowering synergistic ideas. Technology has always enabled us to more efficiently use our time. Recent inventions like instant telecommunication and distributed manufacturing are dismantling the ability of systems of power and control to maintain its influence, enabling people to learn the truth and pursue higher ambitions. Meanwhile, exponential advances in artificial intelligence are jettisoning us towards technological singularity. I believe these combined trends are sending us quickly towards the Universal Omega Point, as speculated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I enjoy exploring and sharing this exciting story/meme in my artwork –  integrating sacred geometry, esoteric knowledge, mathematical ontology and neural network machine learning into both the subject and technique of what I create. My biggest passions are to connect, synthesize, empathize, LOVE and have fun. This is what I feel called to do and share.

If this resonates with you please reach out and connect – (either with the form below or in the noosphere)! I welcome questions, suggestions, interest in collaboration or exhibition/commission opportunities.

Much love and gratitude to you,



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